Monday, October 13, 2014

Yes, I am late - buuuuut.... It's MONDAY! :D

Sooooooooo, for today's most awesome post; we'll be discussing my most favorite Bed & Breakfast in Saint Augustine! In fact, I LOVED staying at their Inn for so many years now, I even have to have my favorite suite.....

We will start by giving you the link to their page, .

I'll start by introducing the inn's Roaming Kitty Extraordinaire, Zeke! He is the first thing my son searches for every time we stay at the St. Francis! Zeke's been around since our first stay, and makes every vacation feel like home! He loves to sun himself in the morning, sleep in the afternoon, sneak about in the evenings, and come visit us for pets at night! If that doesn't make for an excellent B&B experience, I don't know what does....

Here is a view (yes, I stole the picture from their site) of the inn, as viewed from St. George Street.... It is inviting and comfortable. I feel like I am home every time I stay. The rooms are simply amazing, no matter the size you choose. Beds are fitted with soft, comfy sheets and pillows. The beds are so soft, you have no problem falling asleep quickly after a day spent sightseeing! The owners, Joe and Margaret Finnegan and so nice and personable! They always remember us when we come to stay, and they go out of their way to accommodate guests. For our anniversary, we walked in our room to find we had 2 glasses, and a small bottle of Champagne..... It was such a surprise, but it is always how they do things up! :D

Heehee, now we get to the GOOD part of the inn.... the BEST part of the inn, in my opinion... THE FOOD!!!!!!!YAYAYAYA!!!!! Can we get a "WOOT!" and an "AMEN!".... Yes, the one thing that truly sets this inn apart from others in Saint Augustine (mind you, I've researched various B&Bs, and the food does not seem to meet the standard set by the Saint Francis) is the amazing breakfasts!

Here is a picture I took of our Anniversary Surprise!

Looks like a breakfast of Pumpkin Pancakes with Syrup and Whipped Cream,
Some sort of yummy egg dish, and fresh fruit.......
These little Egg Tarts are AMAZING! Eggs are always soft, never over-cooked
and the crusts are flaky goodness!
The fresh fruit is always sweet and juicy, sets off the heavier
dishes amazingly well!

 Yes, yes... It would seem I was unable to locate appropriate pictures of the Brunch Selection at the Saint Francis Inn; so I was forced to rob them of their own pictures from their site.... I hope that is okay with them..... If not, I've never seen these pictures before and someone MUST have hacked my blog! Every morning,  fresh fruit salad or fruit soup is offered, along with an assortment of fresh baked goods. Homemade granola and assorted cereal is available for those who prefer a lighter breakfast. Beverages include coffee and assorted teas, fresh juices, and whole and skim milks. Hot entrees include Stratas, Cheesy Eggs, Pumpkin Pancakes, Fresh-baked Biscuits and home made Sausage Gravy...... I have to take some time here to compliment the amazing biscuits! I usually plan my vacation so that I am there the mornings they offer Cheesy Eggs, Sausage Links, and the above-mentioned Biscuits with Sausage Gravy..... I could eat it every morning! LOL... The French Toast Bake is to die for! Subtle flavors do not overtake the delicious bread, which is difficult to find in a French Toast. Remember to try their fresh-bakes mulitgrain bread! Once again, another staple I could live off of!

Their daily breakfasts differ from morning to morning.... Breakfast is served Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 9:30am. On Saturdays, Sundays,(and post Holiday mornings), Brunch is served until 10:30, and include complimentary Champagne Mimosas and Bloody Mary's which you can prepare for yourself, to taste! 

My son, toasting his marshmallow for his S'Mores!
S'More roasting is available on those chilly nights only!
One of the special Holiday delights offered during the Season....
Aside from these little yummies, the St. Francis also offers Evenign
Desserts! Between 8:00 and 9:30pm, I've sampled some of
the most DELICIOUS home-made desserts I've found anywhere!

And, as if these were not ENOUGH incentive to stay at the St. Francis Inn, they also offer a Happy Hour! :D TAH-DAHHHHHHHHHH! From 5:00pm to 6:00pm, they offer up an "Evening Social Hour". Everyone from the inn usually comed in from their explorations to partake of delicious foods and beverages....  As with their Breakfasts and Desserts, their appetizer offerings change daily. Some examples would be Antipasto Tray with homemade Crostini, Zesty Homemade Hummus with House Baked Pita Chips, Crab Dip, Taco Dip, and the Meatballs are amazing! For your convenience, they serve local wines from San Sebastian Winery as well as House Wines from Corbett Canyon, and bottled Michelob Beer. Other wines, beers, mixed drinks, and their Signature "St. Francis Sunset" Cocktail are also available for purchase.

With all this food offered by our wonderful hosts, there is little need of large dining bills in town! See, there's always a plus to a Bed & Breakfast!!!!!!! And with this thought, I leave you to further explore their website.... Maybe tomorrow, we'll take some time to discuss ::: ahem ::: "The Haunting"??? Woooooooooooooooo!!!!! Yeah, that was my rathe PATHETIC attempt at ghostly sounds... I know, I know... It is late, and I've now made myself sufficiently hungry... HAHA! Have a great evening/night/morning/afternoon everyone... I shall see thee on the morrow!!!! Yeah... gotta eat...............
Zeke says, "COME VISIT ME SOON!"

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