Friday, October 17, 2014

A Couple Cool, Little Shops To Drop By!

I know, it is Friday.... And WHAT does "It's Friday" mean???? It means, NO, WE DON'T WANT TO READ YOUR BLOG TODAY BECAUSE WE'RE GOING TO HAVE FUN! Yeah.... right.... I know how it is! LOL.... But, if you could, please take a peek at these two amazing little shops I discovered (yes, after all this time) in the heart of Colonial Town Saint Augustine, Florida!!!!

Pictured above is a neat place called "Silver Feather Jewelry and Gifts".... I know, I've waltzed by it a million and one times, thinking to myself, "Yeah, yeah... more stuff and trinkets... blahblahblah..." But no! It is NOT like that at all! What they carry are some truly unique items, and well worth your perusal!!!!!!!!!!

I found that heart-shaped item in their store, and vowed I would no longer live without it's iridescent beauty! I do not often purchase impulsively, but I could not resist the draw.... I looked about the store while my hubby was paying for my heart, and I found I could have purchased so many more items, that we'd never recover and have to open a new credit card to cover all the monies I was about to spend!!!!!!!! They had earrings and necklaces, bracelets and rings. There were hand-made items, as well as geods and other rocks and crystals. They had rather cool-looking little trays that were made of polished geods that had been made in an almost flat design (don't know how else to describe them)...... But, suffice to say, I would love to have one of everything! Oh, and they had more shapes than just my heart up there!

So, if you have the time, give them a peek! Stop in and say St. Augustine Eats blog owner told you about them! Here are some addresses.......... and

Now, for our second little hidden store - I it is my pleasure to introduce you to the most AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL SMELLING STORE IN ALL OF SAINT AUGUSTINE < notice the caps, I mean business here! LOL..... It is called Gypsy Moon Bohemian... Vintage... Chic... Boutique & Ancient City Soapworks "Artistry for the Skin"...... I looked a bit at the clothing, which was just cool. They had some rather unique hats I'd been tempted to purchase on one of their outside racks. But, what drew me in People, was this amazing scent that floated through the air; forcing me to find its source as soon as possible, or I would lose my soul forever! HAHA.....

Truth be told, there was a shop in front of the boutique. You have to wade through tiny isles nestled between Mexican/Spanish-looking pottery (they have frogs too, which I had a hard time resisting!) to find Gyspy Moon, kind of just FYI! Anyway, I kept sniffing and sniffing, and finally found this little tiny shop, almost hidden in the back-right area of the buildings......... I saw it, sniffed it, and fell in love with it!

It was at that moment I was determined to smell every single bar of soap they had available for purchase! I even considered living there, from now on, for the rest of my days.... Well, the floor looked rather hard, and I am sure the owners wouldn't appreciate me after I hadn't bathed in a week... But, what did I have to lose, right? So, once I came to my senses, I realized they had the most unique combinations I'd ever seen.... Above is pictured their Vanilla Patchouli soap, along with Brown Sugar Fig. Presently, I am loving the Honeysuckle Aloe I purchased that same day. My husband even bought himself a bar. It was called Yo Ho Ho Bay Rum, and yes, it smells masculine and like a pirate, only clean! HAHA! My son insisted on buying Dragon's Blood soap. I tell you, the owner truly knows her scents, and isn't afraid to use them!!!!! The soaps are prices resonably, and (as I've found out for myself) have a very long life for your bathing pleasure.... Not to mention, they make the whole room smell incredible!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some addresses for Gypsy Moon...

So, the next time you are in Saint Augustine, drop by these two adorable little gems and bring your wallet (don't be afraid to use it too!)..............

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