Thursday, October 30, 2014


So, how many of you are planning to head up to Saint Augustine for the Nights of Lights this Holiday Season?????????? I know I am! We managed to do a weekend getaway while they were going on one year...... We stayed at The Casablanca Inn.

A picture of the Casablanca Inn, during the Nights of Lights for the Holidays

We stayed in a room on the bottom floor of the inn. It seemed ideal for getting a quick romantic weekend in before all of the Holiday rush. I do have to say, I loved the accommodations. Though the room itself is rather small, the bed was THE MOST COMFORTABLE bed I've ever had the pleasure of sleeping in. You'd be surprised, as the room was right next to their Tini Martini Bar; but there was no noise from the porch area. Well, okay, so we'd occasionally have that oneeeeeee inebriated person who laughed just a "bit" too loud..... HAHA!

I am thinking the most wonderful part of our stay was the room being permiated, upon waking in the morning, by the scents of breakfast cooking and coffee brewing. It made it feel like home, only we didn't have to do these things for ourselves! The brunches there were quite basic, when we stayed; but I have recently seen that they now offer a 2-course gourmet breakfast. Seating is all around the veranda, and you can't beat the view of the Matanzas Bay in the morning! Guests are also treated to a complimentary $15.00 which can be used toward a bar tab. Upon returning to our room, we would settle down and relax with a drink every evening! It was great for some much needed time together.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that it is centrally located in the heart of the Old City itself! Everything is within walking distance, and it is oh so convenient to head back to the room if you forgot something, or just needed to cool off on a hot summer night......

For you Ghost Hunters out there, the Casablana Inn also has its own tale of spirits! Don't forget to check out this link about the Widow and the Rumrunners!

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