Friday, October 10, 2014

Amazing Home-Baked Bread For a Mere Bit of Change

Okay, okay... I know, "Three posts in one day????? Is this truly necessary????".... And to that, I answer, "Why yes, quite! I won't be on much this weekend!" HAHAHA! So, I am attempting to PRE-post to cover my weekend days spent playing with my family! Give a girl a break, won't ya? :D

This would be one of those older restaurants that "hid" from the general public's eye for many years.... I discovered it a while back while we were walking about, looking for different areas we'd not explored on St. George Street (the main street through the "old city" portion of Saint Aug. And now, they can be found, here, at this FB address: . So hard to believe they've expanded their clientel that much.....

Here is a quote from their page:

"The Spanish Bakery & Café has been serving Spanish cuisine for over 40 years. We are known for our fresh baked bread, homemade empanadas, picadillo (a beanless chilli), sausage rolls, daily soups, cookies and pastries. Join us for lunch or dinner for a fresh, fast, and local menu."

I insist on purchasing at LEAST two loaves of their delicious bread. Right off the bat, as soon as we arrive in town, I rush over to pick up a couple Sausage Rolls and a couple Empanadas (one chicken, one beef). There is nothing better than starting out the day with authentic old Spanish foods! They have cute water bottles that also have their name printed on the label..... I've not tried a good portion of their foods, as I prefer to stick to my favorites. But, if it helps decide if you should visit or not; their EVERYTHING looks amazing! The smells ALONE make your mouth water and stomach growl.... So, the next time (or first time) you visit Saint Augustine, Florida - stop by The Spanish Bakery & Cafe! It will not disappoint! (and yes, the pictures are stolen from their official FB page)

Here is a peek at their famous Empanadas... 

Their recently updated outside sitting area.....

Ahhh yes, Sausage Rolls! Delicioso!!!!!!!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!
 Have a great one filled with fun and amazing food!

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