Thursday, October 30, 2014


So, how many of you are planning to head up to Saint Augustine for the Nights of Lights this Holiday Season?????????? I know I am! We managed to do a weekend getaway while they were going on one year...... We stayed at The Casablanca Inn.

A picture of the Casablanca Inn, during the Nights of Lights for the Holidays

We stayed in a room on the bottom floor of the inn. It seemed ideal for getting a quick romantic weekend in before all of the Holiday rush. I do have to say, I loved the accommodations. Though the room itself is rather small, the bed was THE MOST COMFORTABLE bed I've ever had the pleasure of sleeping in. You'd be surprised, as the room was right next to their Tini Martini Bar; but there was no noise from the porch area. Well, okay, so we'd occasionally have that oneeeeeee inebriated person who laughed just a "bit" too loud..... HAHA!

I am thinking the most wonderful part of our stay was the room being permiated, upon waking in the morning, by the scents of breakfast cooking and coffee brewing. It made it feel like home, only we didn't have to do these things for ourselves! The brunches there were quite basic, when we stayed; but I have recently seen that they now offer a 2-course gourmet breakfast. Seating is all around the veranda, and you can't beat the view of the Matanzas Bay in the morning! Guests are also treated to a complimentary $15.00 which can be used toward a bar tab. Upon returning to our room, we would settle down and relax with a drink every evening! It was great for some much needed time together.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that it is centrally located in the heart of the Old City itself! Everything is within walking distance, and it is oh so convenient to head back to the room if you forgot something, or just needed to cool off on a hot summer night......

For you Ghost Hunters out there, the Casablana Inn also has its own tale of spirits! Don't forget to check out this link about the Widow and the Rumrunners!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Yes, so, I do realize that I've not posted in over a week!!!!!!!! ::: gasp! :::: The nerve of me, right??? Well, with Fall Festivities well under way, it has been a bit difficult to find the extra time to share with all of you! I will, however, attempt to be more consistant in my posts! I apologize for my rudeness, and it "should" never happen again! LOL.....

As for today's subject, I am thinking we should discuss that ghost story I'd promised last week????? Yeah, sounds great! So, here goes nothing.............. I will just borrow the story from the site for the St. Francis Inn.... I believe they will tell it best in their OWN words.

"St. Augustine, being America’s oldest city, has a colorful history of four centuries and many legends of ghostly figures. Some believe that the ghost of a young house servant haunts St. Francis Inn. She has become know as “Lily” and strange happenings reported in one third floor Inn room lead to it being named “Lily’s Room”.

A story is told of a young man who lived with his uncle, Major William Hardee, who owned the Inn during the middle of the 19th century. He fell in love with “Lily,” one of the young black servant girls, believed to have been a beautiful slave woman from Barbados, and they would sneak into rooms of the inn to carry on their secret love affair. When the uncle, a military officer, walked in on the lovers, he dismissed the servant and ordered his nephew to never see her again. The nephew, deeply depressed, killed himself, some say by hanging himself in the attic, now Lily’s Room, others say by jumping from the third floor window.

For years, Inn guests and employees have reported apparitions of the ghost, in Lily’s Room and in other parts of the Inn. Some have seen her passing in the hall, all dressed in white. Maybe she returns to find her lover. One housekeeper tells of listening to MTV on the television while cleaning Lily’s Room. When she returned from getting clean sheets in the hall, the television was turned off. She jokes “Lily didn’t like MTV!”

Interesting phenomena have been reported by guests about Lily and her soldier lover. A woman staying in Lily’s Room was awakened by a loud noise and woke to find the contents of her pocketbook scattered across the floor. Nothing was missing and she said the thud was too loud to have been merely the sound of the purse falling. A guest found her cosmetic bag full of water, while another found her makeup bag under an open window had stayed completely dry while the driving rain had soaked everything around it. A male guest found himself under the bed when he woke in the morning, and had to get help to free himself. In another occurrence, a new bride was awakened by a passionate kiss, then surprised to find her husband was sleeping soundly beside her. Other reports include sightings of a hand on the railing of the back stairs, a ghosted figure dressed in white passing in the halls, split second sightings of spirits, frequent sounds of whispering and moans, lights and coffee makers going on and off unassisted, radio stations being changed as witnesses watched, locked doors found open, shower water which comes out hotter and hotter no matter how much cold is added, falling books, moving pictures, icy cold touch, covers being removed, and female and male apparitions. Some psychics who have been to the Inn conclude that Lily and her lover have not been united in the afterlife within the Inn they haunt.

Was it the resident ghost who caused a disturbing evening for another guest? He and his wife were staying at the Inn, but in a room other than Lily’s Room. His wife fell asleep quickly, but he had trouble. A strange sensation overcame him suddenly, which he said felt like someone was entering his consciousness, without seeming either good or evil. He left the room to see if a short walk would help, then returned to bed only to have the same feeling, and he attempted to allow it to become stronger. After what he thought was a long time, he shook off the feeling and went for another walk and some coffee, finally returning and able to fall asleep.

Fortunately, the recalled paranormal events at St. Francis Inn have been described as friendly, though sometimes mischievous, but not harmful. Many describe their apparitions as being pleasant, not disturbing. Many guests are attracted by the possibility of a ghostly encounter.

On your visit to St. Francis Inn, please let the innkeepers know if you have a paranormal experience."

I do have to say that I have had quite a few of my own "paranormal experiences" in this inn.... They
were not bad at all, to be honest. I will share one of them (the most exciting ones)! Okay, here goes.............

My present husband and myself were engaged, and had decided to elope! What better place, we thought,
to get married than in the courtyard of our most favorite place in the world, the Saint Francis Inn! He had
reserved an amazing room, The Balcony Room; and we planned an incredible "Get Away Wedding" the
next day.....

Needless to say, it was difficult to sleep; as I was all nervous and couldn't wait for morning to come! So,
I tossed and turned most of the night, in spite of the luxurious accommodations. Finally, around 3:30am, 
I decided to wake him up and have him keep me company on the porch for a cigarette.... 

My soon-to-be husband woke up in better spirits than expected, and I beckoned him to hurry up so we can
get out there. Now, mind you, when we went to bed, I'd closed every single blind in the room. I do not like
a bunch of light coming in, and needed it as dark as possible in order to sleep. But, when I looked at the
blinds, I realized that every single blind was wide open!!! I was rather spooked, and brought them to his
attention! He went over and closed all the blinds, and turned around to head out for a smoke. I SWEAR, 
it was no more than three seconds between that action and when I looked back at the blinds..... THREE 
SECONDS!!!!! I was more than startled, needless to say, when I glanced back and saw each of the blinds
he had closed were opened up again!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Yeah, right...... I slept on him that night... LITERALLY!!!!!! I think it took him a bit in the morning to 
regain feeling in the left side of his person! LOL! But, it sure made for an incredible story to share with 
you nice people, huh?

Have any of you had your own Ghostly Experiences???? Let me know and post below!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What To Do.... What To Do......?????

A picture I took of the old City Gates..... Yeah, it's my favorite because it means I am almost to Kilwin's! HA!

HELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO Everyone!!!! Yes, I realize it is Saturday.... So, I won't keep you! Just making a note to share my favorite emailed link to life and times in Saint Augustine, Florida..... Here is the description provided by their FB page:

SAINT AUGUSTINE | PONTE VEDRA on Florida's Historic Coast
The Nation's oldest city (est. 1565) features history on every street corner, plus fine dining, unique shopping, award-winning inns, historic hotels and authentic Old World ambiance. A part of the Spanish Empire for longer than it has been part of the United States, the city's ancient architecture, narrow streets and beautiful bayfront made it Travel+Leisure's first choice as a place where Americans can feel like they are in Europe without leavnig their homeland. The city features the nation's first National Monument along with 32 buildings and 144-square blocks on the National Register of Historic Places. A full schedule of historical and cultural events, many featuring authentic re-eanactors, provide an entertaining and informative look at the city's nearly 450 years of history. Attractions such as the St. Augustine Lighthouse, Spanish Colonial Quarter, St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoolocial Park, Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth and the World Golf Hall of Fame are popular with the entire faimily. Plus, the city is a popular wedding destination and an ideal and memorable location for romantic getaways.

This coastal community north of St. Augustine is known for both world-class golf and internationally-acclaimed spas. Its luxury resorts offer stunning beaches, a host of recreational activities, fine dining and shopping. Here you can ride horseback along the beach or hike miles of nature trails. The location of the PGA Tour Headquarters, it is the home of THE PLAYERS Championship featuring golf's greatest players and biggest purse. The AAA 5-Diamond rated Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, the Sawgrass Marriott Golf and Spa Resort and the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club set the standard for seaside luxury and pampering.

From Ponte Vedra in the north to Marineland in the south, Florida's Historic Coast features 42 miles of inviting Atlantic beaches perfect for year 'round getaways. Although linked by beautiful sand and surf, the communities of Vilano Beach, St. Augustine Beach, Butler Beach and Crescent Beach each have unique charms that create ideal seaside vacations. Anastasia State Park with miles of remote beach make it popular for those who truly want to get away from everything but the sea. Throughout Florida's Historic Coast, a 35-foot height limitation on buildings insures beach panoramas are never marred by towering condos, hotels or office buildings."

I do love reading their emails and checking out what is going on in my favorite city.. So, stop by their page at the link I am providing below, and EVERYONE HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!! If you make it to Saint Augustine today, say hello for me! :D

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Couple Cool, Little Shops To Drop By!

I know, it is Friday.... And WHAT does "It's Friday" mean???? It means, NO, WE DON'T WANT TO READ YOUR BLOG TODAY BECAUSE WE'RE GOING TO HAVE FUN! Yeah.... right.... I know how it is! LOL.... But, if you could, please take a peek at these two amazing little shops I discovered (yes, after all this time) in the heart of Colonial Town Saint Augustine, Florida!!!!

Pictured above is a neat place called "Silver Feather Jewelry and Gifts".... I know, I've waltzed by it a million and one times, thinking to myself, "Yeah, yeah... more stuff and trinkets... blahblahblah..." But no! It is NOT like that at all! What they carry are some truly unique items, and well worth your perusal!!!!!!!!!!

I found that heart-shaped item in their store, and vowed I would no longer live without it's iridescent beauty! I do not often purchase impulsively, but I could not resist the draw.... I looked about the store while my hubby was paying for my heart, and I found I could have purchased so many more items, that we'd never recover and have to open a new credit card to cover all the monies I was about to spend!!!!!!!! They had earrings and necklaces, bracelets and rings. There were hand-made items, as well as geods and other rocks and crystals. They had rather cool-looking little trays that were made of polished geods that had been made in an almost flat design (don't know how else to describe them)...... But, suffice to say, I would love to have one of everything! Oh, and they had more shapes than just my heart up there!

So, if you have the time, give them a peek! Stop in and say St. Augustine Eats blog owner told you about them! Here are some addresses.......... and

Now, for our second little hidden store - I it is my pleasure to introduce you to the most AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL SMELLING STORE IN ALL OF SAINT AUGUSTINE < notice the caps, I mean business here! LOL..... It is called Gypsy Moon Bohemian... Vintage... Chic... Boutique & Ancient City Soapworks "Artistry for the Skin"...... I looked a bit at the clothing, which was just cool. They had some rather unique hats I'd been tempted to purchase on one of their outside racks. But, what drew me in People, was this amazing scent that floated through the air; forcing me to find its source as soon as possible, or I would lose my soul forever! HAHA.....

Truth be told, there was a shop in front of the boutique. You have to wade through tiny isles nestled between Mexican/Spanish-looking pottery (they have frogs too, which I had a hard time resisting!) to find Gyspy Moon, kind of just FYI! Anyway, I kept sniffing and sniffing, and finally found this little tiny shop, almost hidden in the back-right area of the buildings......... I saw it, sniffed it, and fell in love with it!

It was at that moment I was determined to smell every single bar of soap they had available for purchase! I even considered living there, from now on, for the rest of my days.... Well, the floor looked rather hard, and I am sure the owners wouldn't appreciate me after I hadn't bathed in a week... But, what did I have to lose, right? So, once I came to my senses, I realized they had the most unique combinations I'd ever seen.... Above is pictured their Vanilla Patchouli soap, along with Brown Sugar Fig. Presently, I am loving the Honeysuckle Aloe I purchased that same day. My husband even bought himself a bar. It was called Yo Ho Ho Bay Rum, and yes, it smells masculine and like a pirate, only clean! HAHA! My son insisted on buying Dragon's Blood soap. I tell you, the owner truly knows her scents, and isn't afraid to use them!!!!! The soaps are prices resonably, and (as I've found out for myself) have a very long life for your bathing pleasure.... Not to mention, they make the whole room smell incredible!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some addresses for Gypsy Moon...

So, the next time you are in Saint Augustine, drop by these two adorable little gems and bring your wallet (don't be afraid to use it too!)..............

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Let's Talk Pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, my fellow St. Augustine Lovers. How many of you love pizza???? Yes, yes, we do too! I'd raise my hand, but then I couldn't type up this wonderful blog; and you would miss out on the BEST pizza restaurant in Old City Saint Augustine!

Above are pictures of Pizzalley's Award Winning Pizzeria! The front of the restaurant, facing Saint George Street, is casual carry-out or dine-in. They usually have someone out front of the door, calling to all of us starving tourists, to come over and try a sample of their delectable pizza.... We usually enjoy buying a slice of pizza a piece, some cheese sticks, and an order of their amazing bread sticks! It is best for a quick bite, and the soda machine is available for free refills! (Which is very important during Summer here in the Sunshine State!)........ If you walk back through a hallway, past some outside seating area, and into their other restaurant; you will find a completely different ambiance.

Pizzalley's Chianti Room takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the town to a quiet, more upscale restaurant for a relaxing dinner. You can choose between indoor or outdoor seating. Outdoor usually offers live entertainment during dinner. The inside seating also has a full-service bar running the length of the room. It is beautiful and romantic, either way; and the food is simply exquisite!

I ordered the Chicken Marsala (my undoing), and my husband ordered a custom-topped pizza. With toppings such as Feta Cheese, Gorgonzola, Shitaki Mushrooms, Smoked Gouda, and Chipotle Beef - you can imagine any flavor combination you desire! Portions are large, so bring your appetites! Listed below are Pizzalley's Facebook page and actual link to their restaurants and menus....

P.S. If you decide to order a pizza from the casual side, make SURE your hotel reservations include a refrigerator for leftovers - you'll DEFINITELY have them!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Yes, I am late - buuuuut.... It's MONDAY! :D

Sooooooooo, for today's most awesome post; we'll be discussing my most favorite Bed & Breakfast in Saint Augustine! In fact, I LOVED staying at their Inn for so many years now, I even have to have my favorite suite.....

We will start by giving you the link to their page, .

I'll start by introducing the inn's Roaming Kitty Extraordinaire, Zeke! He is the first thing my son searches for every time we stay at the St. Francis! Zeke's been around since our first stay, and makes every vacation feel like home! He loves to sun himself in the morning, sleep in the afternoon, sneak about in the evenings, and come visit us for pets at night! If that doesn't make for an excellent B&B experience, I don't know what does....

Here is a view (yes, I stole the picture from their site) of the inn, as viewed from St. George Street.... It is inviting and comfortable. I feel like I am home every time I stay. The rooms are simply amazing, no matter the size you choose. Beds are fitted with soft, comfy sheets and pillows. The beds are so soft, you have no problem falling asleep quickly after a day spent sightseeing! The owners, Joe and Margaret Finnegan and so nice and personable! They always remember us when we come to stay, and they go out of their way to accommodate guests. For our anniversary, we walked in our room to find we had 2 glasses, and a small bottle of Champagne..... It was such a surprise, but it is always how they do things up! :D

Heehee, now we get to the GOOD part of the inn.... the BEST part of the inn, in my opinion... THE FOOD!!!!!!!YAYAYAYA!!!!! Can we get a "WOOT!" and an "AMEN!".... Yes, the one thing that truly sets this inn apart from others in Saint Augustine (mind you, I've researched various B&Bs, and the food does not seem to meet the standard set by the Saint Francis) is the amazing breakfasts!

Here is a picture I took of our Anniversary Surprise!

Looks like a breakfast of Pumpkin Pancakes with Syrup and Whipped Cream,
Some sort of yummy egg dish, and fresh fruit.......
These little Egg Tarts are AMAZING! Eggs are always soft, never over-cooked
and the crusts are flaky goodness!
The fresh fruit is always sweet and juicy, sets off the heavier
dishes amazingly well!

 Yes, yes... It would seem I was unable to locate appropriate pictures of the Brunch Selection at the Saint Francis Inn; so I was forced to rob them of their own pictures from their site.... I hope that is okay with them..... If not, I've never seen these pictures before and someone MUST have hacked my blog! Every morning,  fresh fruit salad or fruit soup is offered, along with an assortment of fresh baked goods. Homemade granola and assorted cereal is available for those who prefer a lighter breakfast. Beverages include coffee and assorted teas, fresh juices, and whole and skim milks. Hot entrees include Stratas, Cheesy Eggs, Pumpkin Pancakes, Fresh-baked Biscuits and home made Sausage Gravy...... I have to take some time here to compliment the amazing biscuits! I usually plan my vacation so that I am there the mornings they offer Cheesy Eggs, Sausage Links, and the above-mentioned Biscuits with Sausage Gravy..... I could eat it every morning! LOL... The French Toast Bake is to die for! Subtle flavors do not overtake the delicious bread, which is difficult to find in a French Toast. Remember to try their fresh-bakes mulitgrain bread! Once again, another staple I could live off of!

Their daily breakfasts differ from morning to morning.... Breakfast is served Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 9:30am. On Saturdays, Sundays,(and post Holiday mornings), Brunch is served until 10:30, and include complimentary Champagne Mimosas and Bloody Mary's which you can prepare for yourself, to taste! 

My son, toasting his marshmallow for his S'Mores!
S'More roasting is available on those chilly nights only!
One of the special Holiday delights offered during the Season....
Aside from these little yummies, the St. Francis also offers Evenign
Desserts! Between 8:00 and 9:30pm, I've sampled some of
the most DELICIOUS home-made desserts I've found anywhere!

And, as if these were not ENOUGH incentive to stay at the St. Francis Inn, they also offer a Happy Hour! :D TAH-DAHHHHHHHHHH! From 5:00pm to 6:00pm, they offer up an "Evening Social Hour". Everyone from the inn usually comed in from their explorations to partake of delicious foods and beverages....  As with their Breakfasts and Desserts, their appetizer offerings change daily. Some examples would be Antipasto Tray with homemade Crostini, Zesty Homemade Hummus with House Baked Pita Chips, Crab Dip, Taco Dip, and the Meatballs are amazing! For your convenience, they serve local wines from San Sebastian Winery as well as House Wines from Corbett Canyon, and bottled Michelob Beer. Other wines, beers, mixed drinks, and their Signature "St. Francis Sunset" Cocktail are also available for purchase.

With all this food offered by our wonderful hosts, there is little need of large dining bills in town! See, there's always a plus to a Bed & Breakfast!!!!!!! And with this thought, I leave you to further explore their website.... Maybe tomorrow, we'll take some time to discuss ::: ahem ::: "The Haunting"??? Woooooooooooooooo!!!!! Yeah, that was my rathe PATHETIC attempt at ghostly sounds... I know, I know... It is late, and I've now made myself sufficiently hungry... HAHA! Have a great evening/night/morning/afternoon everyone... I shall see thee on the morrow!!!! Yeah... gotta eat...............
Zeke says, "COME VISIT ME SOON!"

Saturday, October 11, 2014

TODAY!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Heading to Saint Augustine for the day!!!! YAY!!!! How many of you will be there too????? Happy Saturday, Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Amazing Home-Baked Bread For a Mere Bit of Change

Okay, okay... I know, "Three posts in one day????? Is this truly necessary????".... And to that, I answer, "Why yes, quite! I won't be on much this weekend!" HAHAHA! So, I am attempting to PRE-post to cover my weekend days spent playing with my family! Give a girl a break, won't ya? :D

This would be one of those older restaurants that "hid" from the general public's eye for many years.... I discovered it a while back while we were walking about, looking for different areas we'd not explored on St. George Street (the main street through the "old city" portion of Saint Aug. And now, they can be found, here, at this FB address: . So hard to believe they've expanded their clientel that much.....

Here is a quote from their page:

"The Spanish Bakery & Café has been serving Spanish cuisine for over 40 years. We are known for our fresh baked bread, homemade empanadas, picadillo (a beanless chilli), sausage rolls, daily soups, cookies and pastries. Join us for lunch or dinner for a fresh, fast, and local menu."

I insist on purchasing at LEAST two loaves of their delicious bread. Right off the bat, as soon as we arrive in town, I rush over to pick up a couple Sausage Rolls and a couple Empanadas (one chicken, one beef). There is nothing better than starting out the day with authentic old Spanish foods! They have cute water bottles that also have their name printed on the label..... I've not tried a good portion of their foods, as I prefer to stick to my favorites. But, if it helps decide if you should visit or not; their EVERYTHING looks amazing! The smells ALONE make your mouth water and stomach growl.... So, the next time (or first time) you visit Saint Augustine, Florida - stop by The Spanish Bakery & Cafe! It will not disappoint! (and yes, the pictures are stolen from their official FB page)

Here is a peek at their famous Empanadas... 

Their recently updated outside sitting area.....

Ahhh yes, Sausage Rolls! Delicioso!!!!!!!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!
 Have a great one filled with fun and amazing food!

Sweets to the Sweet..... MWAHAHAHA!

Soooo.... Due to the simple fact that this blog title actually says "Eats" in the title ::: ahem ::::; I am thinking I ought to get to it, yes? HAHA! Okay, so, where do we begin? I think, due to my odd nature and my astounding abilities to hear only my OWN drummer - - - I am of the firm belief that we should begin with the end.... DESSERTS!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! How exciting, huh?

Here is a picture, I nabbed off the internet, of Kilwin's Chocolate, Fudge, and Ice Cream Shop... Yes Folks, it is my favorite of the fav for candies of all kinds. I have to say, I also will only purchase Peanut Brittle from their store. (I've also sampled the Pecan Brittle and Cashew Brittles, and they are by far the most delicious, buttery-goodness I have ever tasted!) And to think, I used to work in a candy store myself! :D

As you arrive on Saint George Street, provided you parked in the garage across from the Huguenot Cemetary, you can not help but be distracted by the smell of fresh waffle cones drifting on the breeze. It lures you in, that's for sure, but what you find inside is even more tempting! Yes, this place will cause all dieters to fall off the wagon, so to speak. They have everything you can think of, from Dark Chocolate Covered Seafoam (Honeycomb), to Pink Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Turtles. They have a wide array of chocolate, nut, and caramel-covered Pretzels, Rice Krispy Treats, and Caramel Apples..... They also offer up a variety of ice creams, kettle pop corns, fudges, and gummy candies. Yes, Kilwin's is DEFINITELY a "must-do" while visiting Saint Augustine!

Day tripping: 40 classic shots of St. Augustine

Good Afternoon, everyone! As I sit here munching on a Turkey Sandwich, I thought you ladies and gents might get a kick out of these pictures.... They are 40 classic shots of Saint Augustine. For those of you who have visited the city, there are many familiar areas that have changed quite a bit since these photographs were taken!

So, sit back, munch your lunch, and take a peek into the history of Saint Augustine..............

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Blood Moon Shows Itself... Just Not Here In Orlando......

Beautiful lunar eclipse, and Blood Moon, over the Cathedral Basilica steeple.........

So, who among you were able to witness this amazing moon in person????? My husband and myself made SURE we woke up on time, and were out the door just at the exact moment we were supposedly able to view said moon..... Yeah, it didn't work out. The sky was completely clouded-up....... Wish I'd been up in St. Aug to witness this site, considering the haunting beauty of this picture...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Did Someone Say Saint Augustine??????

Ahhhhh yes.... Saint Augustine, Florida!!! The mere mention of the old city makes my mind reel with excitement! Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself..... My name is Kiki, (stands and waves to the crowd....) and yes, I am a Saint Augustineaholic! (The crowd then answers, in unison, "Hello Kiki!" - followed by a round of applause) Yes, this enchanting town stole my soul many years ago, when I was a wee child. My first visit was for a 5th Grade Field Trip with my entire class. Shortly after this visit, my parents decided to do a weekend vacation for the fam...... Yeah, that probably could have been a bit better, seeing as my younger brother and myself were riddled with Chicken Pox for the entire stay...... But, that was neither here nor there to a young girl with a HUGE imagination! We took the city by storm, and vacation ended with me in tears, never wanting to leave..... So began my Saint Augustine Mania.....

As I grew, we continued to visit St. Aug (as I lovingly call it!); and it continued to tickle my fancy. We, my family and I, decided to vacation there as often as possible. It was "THE Destination" for all fun, relaxation, intruge, and gluttony..... Wait! Did I just say that out loud????? Yup, guess there's no taking THAT one back, huh? Well, since it is out in the open, here goes nothing. Saint Augustine is not only an interesting city from a historical standpoint, but its small eateries and amazing restaurants out-do any city I've visited previously.... I started to tell all my friends about everything we discovered.... They told their friends what we said... The friends then messaged me on FB or some similar platform to see what I thought of what their plans were, etc, etc, etc..... Well, to make a rather long, drawn-out, and frankly, quite boring explanation of how I came to decide to start this blog a little shorter for you folks..... My husband made me do it!!!!! There! I've said it!!!!!!!!! Heehee... Yeah, I had a good giggle and thought to meself, well, he does have a point......... And so, Eureka!!!!, a blog was born! Ta-dahhhhh! Yeah, you can throw money if you want.... But I do not advise it as it will hurt when it bounces of your monitor onto your noses!

Sooooooooooooo, whatever will I talk about????? Yeah, the blog states that there will be food! But of course there will, as it is one of my favorite things.... But, I plan on attempting to keep you all informed of special events happening in the grand old city, as well as maybe some haunting tales - seeing as it IS October and almost Halloween..... Maybe we'll discuss shopping? Sight-seeing? Or, maybe some local businesses that are under-appreciated???? We'll see....

Well.. as you can tell, I am fully capable of holding a conversation with myself, to some length, and well.... Maybe I should get out a "bit" more????? Um... Yeah, okay.... So, with that in mind, I shall take my leave of this post.... Hopefully you will be hearing from me very soon.... Maybe some reviews of Bed & Breakfasts in town like the St. Francis Inn? Or maybe the Bayfront Marin House? Hmmmm, maybe in the future I can give some of the places a ring, do some interviews? What do you think?????  Feel free to message me and give me some input as to what content you would enjoy reading about and discovering.....

As for now, I wish you all a grand afternoon/evening/night/morning/etc.... Good afternoon, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are............... ((( Yeah, I changed it to good afternoon... Maybe I need a nap..... )))